Why Use A Dog Walker

We all love our dogs and the vast majority of people get a dog in the right spirit of giving it a loving home, but there are reasons to use a dog walker in certain circumstances.

  • Work commitments can change all of a sudden and you don’t want to leave your dog too long, particularly if they have separation anxiety
  • When the weather turns dark and nasty the energy levels and motivation to walk a dog can decrease so call me, I work rain or shine
  • A new member to the family like a baby can take up most of your time that was normally spent walking your dog, give me a call and I’ll help out
  • Perhaps children who used to walk the dog have recently moved out and you don’t have the time yourself to do it
  • There are any number of reasons, so please give me a call to arrange a plan

“Jason has been taken our Charlie for walks and he is brilliant with him and very accommodating we would highly recommend him If you need a dog walker”

Sadie, Cramond